What is IoT?

Technologies that allow you to connect sensors and controllers placed throughout the world, with a centralized infrastructure for monitoring and managing the physical environment.

Why now?

According to IDC, market of IoT devices will grow from $ 1.93T to $ 4.93T till 2018. It's time to think about new business or expand the functionality of existing solutions.

IoT Lab

IoT Lab can be a starting point for market needs identification, prototyping your product and establishing contacts with potential customers.

Start with us!

We begin to register teams that will have an opportunity to take an IoT course, create prototype and develop its production within six-month cycle.

The project "IoT Lab" by Microsoft and IoT Community
create your solution with us!

From idea to finished product. We will help you open new horizons for your business.


Within IoT lab you have an opportunity to take a course that will help you create the software and hardware implementation of your solution and set it up.

Equipment access

We have everything for device prototyping: sensors, executive modules, control boards and complimentary cloud accounts within BizSpark.


Expert Group

Our experts have competencies in the fields of radio engineering and programming devices. We attract partners and speakers to help you with products creating.

Market entry

We are constantly gathering information about the market needs and ready to help you adjust production devices, and find the first customers for your solutions.

Conditions of Engagement

We invite professionals and enthusiasts who want to realize their idea or client need.

Before you apply, please read the requirements for teams.

For regular participants:

• Members of the team should have knowledge in server software developing (Windows, Linux)
• Experience in creating REST web services
• Willingness to continuously engage in work on project to its full implementation or until the end of a 6-month cycle.


How can IoT laboratory help me?

For permanent work on the project we allocate a place in our office and provide every day access to it for teams

If you have any requirements, do not hesitate to email us

We provide

• Fixed workplace for each team with locker to store their developments
• A dedicated set of equipment (sensors, actuators and boards)
• BizSpark account: access to all Microsoft products and licenses. Free cloud account for 3 years.
• Training and support by our staff and partners.



We are open for cooperation with any company to assist teams with successful realization of their projects.

More details of the partnership proposal can be found here

Partnership directions

• Suppliers of the modules for prototyping and electronic equipment
• Teams training and mentoring in areas of electronics, programming and business
• Customers of potential solutions
• Mass production of devices created within IoT laboratory

We offer

• Participation in innovative social project
• PR and marketing support
• Ability to use the logo "Partner of IoT Laboratory" on your resources
• For customers of potential solutions - implementation of special projects for the business needs of your company
• For suppliers and manufacturers - additional services market

Intel believes that technologies are more than just useful tools. They are seen as an opportunity for discovering our natural creativity, changing perception of how intuitive and useful our devices and environment should be and providing beforehand meet of our needs thus releasing us from the constraining wires and eliminating the need to remember huge number of passwords. Intel offers a wide range of open and scalable solutions that help developers to connect, protect and control the device with pre-tested layout blocks.

Internet of Things has a clear outline now. Intel helps connect devices to the cloud, integrate with existing infrastructure and securely manage data.

We make opportunities of technologies truly personal - and it starts with Intel Inside®.

Playtestix is a company specializing in custom testing of games and applications for mobile and stationary devices.

Playtestix works closely with leading games and apps developers and publishers in CIS and Western Europe, such as Wargaming, DeNa, Nival, Wyse Games, Room 8 studio, Vostok Games, Pixonic etc. There are more than 640 successfully conducted playtests by the company.

In cooperation with "IoT Lab" specialists of the company share their expertise in the field of market research and testing ideas; teach how to conduct product research prototype and provide individual consultation to each participant of the laboratory.

Kyivstar– ukrainian telecommunications operator, provides services and data from a wide range of mobile and fixed technologies, including 3G. Operator services are 25.7 million mobile subscribers and nearly 810 thousand. Fixed Internet customers.

Kyivstar is one of the leading companies in telecom market of Ukraine and the leader in the number of customers. Kyivstar network covers all the cities and towns of Ukraine, as well as more than 28 thousand. Rural settlements, all main national and regional roads, most of the sea and river shores. Fiber-optic network for Kyivstar high-speed data transmission has a total length of more than 47 thousand kilometers and the capacity of external channels over 620 Gb/s.

White Sales Shool - Ukraine's first sales school. The learning process is entirely based on the philosophy of the White sales: sales no kickbacks, discounts and deception.

The key rule White sales school: no trainers and coaches from sale. Study lead acting director of sales, marketing and business owner. Among the lecturers are representatives of the school: Microsoft Ukraine, Cisco Ukraine, Incom, Miratech, Playtestix, Axiline, Figaro-Catering, Skoda.

In cooperation with "IoT Lab" experts from White Sales School will share its expertise in sales, will learn to build relationships with the investor / client / partner "pack" features and benefits of the product in a specific proposal form salesbook and bring the product to be purchased of the end user.

UAngel – the first and only Ukrainian community of business angels, created in 2014 to bring together investors focused on investments in start-up IT projects. Community is a platform where entrepreneurs can find investors, and investors - to create domestic and international syndication for a joint financial participation in start-ups in the early stages.

As part of the "IoT Lab" UAngel members act as mentors, communication with investors and product presentation trainings, the specifics of the venture market. We also give the teams the opportunity to present their projects directly to our angels.

ARTKB – the new product development bureau. ARTKB core expertise is the development of hardware product from idea to mass production. HQ and R&D are located in Kyiv, another office is located in Shenzhen (China) which is aimed to help startups coordinate mass production in China.

Among clients: Petcube, Iblazr, Ecozy, Hideez, Lunecase and others.

Rohde & Schwarz electronics group offers innovative solutions in the following business fields: test and measurement, broadcast and media, cybersecurity, secure communications, radiomonitoring and radiolocation. Founded more than 80 years ago, this independent company has an extensive sales and service network and is present in more than 70 countries. The electronics group is among the world market leaders in its established business fields. On June 30, 2015, Rohde & Schwarz had approximately 9900 employees. The group achieved a net revenue of EUR 1.83 billion in the 2014/2015 fiscal year (July to June). The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and also has strong regional hubs in Asia and the USA.R&S® is a registered trademark of Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG.

Bureau of Business Engineering is management consulting company. We are certified management consultants, we help owners and top managers to build successful, competitive company with a management system that is continuously being improved - the company of their dreams. Together with the owner and management team, we design the future of the company (Vision), develop innovative business models and disruptive competitive strategy; design and implement business processes, structures and systems, which are aimed at the implementation of the chosen business model and strategy; and we help to implement changes and to develop the company.

In cooperation with "IoT Lab" consultants of the Bureau of Business Engineering will help the teams: assess the market, competitors and develop Vision (Vision) of the company; formulate the problems, pains and needs of potential customers, develop CVP (value proposition for customers) and its minimal version - MVP; develop various options for a future business model; test MVP and options for a future business model with potential customers; to choose the most viable model and develop a strategy for its implementation, and provide individual advice to each participant of the laboratory.


Any questions? Do not hesitate to write me!

Sergiy Poplavsky
Technical Evangelist, Microsoft UA
Kyiv, Zhilyanskaya 75, "Microsoft" office

If necessary, we can meet to discuss in detail your needs and conditions of participation in IoT laboratory. Moreover, I am ready to answer your questions on the EMAIL or by telephone.

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